AKWAABA! Welcome.
In my 3rd post of our visions of Ghana, I’ll take you on a tour of the houses, schools and markets. During the first 2 weeks of our trip, we had the opportunity to stay in a very rural area and see first hand the everyday life of Ghanaians in this area. We visited the local villages, met with 3 village Chiefs (called a Nana) and their families, bought grocery from the market & cooked traditional Ghanaian dishes. When visiting a new place, the tourist attractions are nice but the real vibrations of the area & the people is what I enjoy most. We were welcomed and treated like family by everyone we met. Instantly, I became a Sister to the Ladies at the market. Everyone of my newly found sisters gave me lessons in Twi. They did get a good laugh as I struggled to pronounce some of the words.

The houses in Ghana are constructed out of mud or cement block, keeping them cool on the inside. Depending on what area you are in, electricity is available. We saw mansions spread out on the mountain sides and we saw mud houses without running water & electricity. Enjoy the pics of all these types of houses.

It was a pleasant sight to see so many school children dressed in colorful uniforms. As we walked thru one school yard, I did get the attention of a few students who came to the window to see the “visitor”. I captured my favorite photo at this school. Check it out below.

Shopping in Ghana is on another level!!! Mr. Benoit was happy I couldn’t hang (save some $$$). LOL
Enjoy the Visions of Ghana. Peace n Blessings