Bryant and I journeyed to the Motherland in November. Our journey to Ghana, West Africa was the most life-altering, eye-opening experience in all my days on Earth. Before the trip, I knew so little of Africa (although I had vivid fantasies in my mind). These fantasies are now replaced with memories of our real experiences, the visions, sounds, smells and beautiful people of Africa.

We spent 3 weeks in Ghana, starting and ending in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. In addition to spending time in the bustling metropolis of Accra (population over 2 million), we spent time in the bush, the forest, the coast, the ocean, the lake, on a mountain and in the 2nd largest city in Ghana.

We want to share some of our “Visions of Ghana” with you. We will take you on a tour of Ghana, thru my camera lense, in a series of posts.

I will begin were we began our journey, Accra. Enjoy!!



A view of Accra from our hotel balcony.


In the Lobby of our hotel, waiting to leave for our tour.


Rita Marley Foundation and Studio


Rita Marley is a resident of Ghana.


Accra from up high


View from our balcony


Accra, Ghana


Flagstaff House – Presidential Palace


The Flagstaff House, commonly known as “Flagstaff House”, is the presidential palace in Accra which serves as a residence and office to the President of Ghana


The Black Star of Ghana represents it’s independence


Black Star Square, also known as Independence Square. This is a public square. On this day they were holding an event.


Lots of people in attendance for this event in Black Star Square



Bryant with some of the locals at Labadi Beach.


Labadi Beach in Accra


Labadi Beach offers restaurants and bars, hotels and resorts, horseback riding, swimming and so much more.