Benoit Gallery has some EXCITING NEWS we wish to share with All!!

This journey of ours began 3 years ago; a gift was given to me by the Most High. A gift I knew nothing about because of my own ignorance.

It was not until I stopped asking and speaking to myself and started listening and hearing the Most High, is when I started seeing and feeling this gift. The gift was art, the ability to tell a story and convey a message on canvas. From the darkness of my mental to the brightness on a canvas, found deep within myself.

I’m letting my little Light shine.

With a goal of one day owning my own space for my art work and the stories I tell, it has now manifested.

Benoit Gallery will be located on Jefferson St., downtown Lafayette, LA.

Grand Opening will be Mid-Summer 2013 and we wish to invite All, near and far, to come by and visit and experience the soul of Creole Louisiana, spoken on canvas and interpreted through poems and collages as only I can do.

Be Blessed

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