24X36 Mixed media collage, acrylic and paper on canvas

The Green Door, entry to a place,created for I self. A conscious home, designed by thoughts, composed by inner self. The patterns in life, created by assembly, one after another one. A brick and mortar joint, just imagination, the son of a brick mason. This place I dwell, to find the truth, I always explore. Analyze and rethink everything learned, create higher vibrations Soar. Build strength through pain, trod easy my friend, this place exposes true fear. A mirror in to ur soul, truth be told, cant help but shed a tear. The green door on this creole house, a wisdom search for I. Overstanding how to organize chaois, this doorway appeared in my minds eye. The keys to the locks, humbled i, found on my hands and knees. Knowledege of self, Luv for others, a happy wife, and empathy. Every visit i make, something changes nothing stays the same. The Building morphs, space expands, a new reality to claim.

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