30X40 Mixed media collage, acrylic and paper on canvas

I’ma cotton pickin farmer, sack full sack, I pick every day.
My sack fill bails, fuels the cotton industry this way.
A Creole man, when I stand, that’s who I be.
A life of cultivating this land, a family’s ancestry.

All family members needed, for labor and toil of the land.
Working these fields is hard work, for woman and man.
I sing out loud, to send vibrations up to the sky.
My people are tired, hard work, tears flow, then we rise.

I’ma sing out loud, vibrate my voice, so The Most High can feel then hear.
So he can send blessing thru his angels, walk with me, lessen my tears.
Let the waters from heaven roll down and wash away my pain.
So we can make this cotton harvest, again and again and again………